Sunday, November 3, 2019

3D Virtual World Environments for L2 Learning and Teaching Assignment

3D Virtual World Environments for L2 Learning and Teaching - Assignment Example From the discussion it is clear that the virtual reality environment is at the foremost an immersive experience. In order for it to appeal to the user it needs to be as close to our real 3D world as possible. This is why there is a need to develop the 3D environment further for the user to get really comfortable in that world.This study highlights that visual and audio components are given great priority when designing a 3D virtual world. At present, scientists are trying to find ways to incorporate the sensory component into the virtual environment. A user would feel more immersed within a particular virtual environment if he is able to make use of his sense of touch, just the way he uses his visual and auditory senses. Currently, there is also a need to refine visual graphics in order to make the virtual world appear more lifelike. Also, special attention has to be paid to the fact that enabling a real-time environment within such a virtual system is the key to its success with the user.  The user is made familiar with the concept of real-time with regard to a 3D virtual environment. This idea of using 3D reality has already been applied to gaming with games such as Metal Gear Solid and System Shock. A relatively new usage of the 3D virtual environment is in the field of education. Educationalists have considered the use of incorporating the 3D virtual environment in class rooms and educational institutes with varying degrees of success.

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