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Management in Organisation - 1225 Words

Case Study 4.4 A NEW DIRECTION FOR THE UPSTAGE THEATRE The board of the Upstage Theatre Company had assembled to hear the Artistic Director’s proposals for the following year’s season. Mark Buck, the Artistic Director, had built a reputation on his staging of popular comic seasons, and most members of the board expected a similar proposal this year. Buck entered the boardroom, and after a few general remarks, began to speak about his plans for the season. As he spoke, the board members began to look at each other with astonishment. Buck was proposing a radical departure with a Shakespearean tragedy and working up to a piece by Arthur Miller. At the end of this totally unexpected proposal he looked around at his audience. ‘Any questions’†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ËœWhat do you think?’ Ramsay, she happened to know, had been considerably embarrassed in front of the board recently, as a result of his inability to raise money for the Theatre. She also knew that much of the resistance to the corporate support of the Theatre had come from the fact that its plays were not considered serious enough. Thus, Ramsay, she reasoned, would support the departure proposed by Buck. This was indeed the case. ‘I think it’s a marvellous idea. And I’m sure it’s the kind of season the financial community would support’ said Ramsay. Several others on the board protested strongly against the proposed season. The most vociferous of these was Olaf Vickers, a local playwright of some repute. Vickers had had several of his comedy works performed by the Upstage Theatre Company over the years. The argument presented by Buck, Carlisle, and Ramsay managed to quiet these objections, however, at least to the point where the board voted to examine the marketing and financial implications of the proposal and meet again in two weeks’ time. When the board met again, a month later, the battle lines were more clearly drawn. Olaf Vickers spoke first. ‘I move that we dismiss the proposal for a â€Å"tragedy’ season,† he said. ‘The Theatre has always had a reputation for comic works, and this reputation should not be thrown away lightly. I feel that our artistic director should go back and rethink his proposals.’ Jean Carlisle, however, wasShow MoreRelatedApproaches to Organisation and Management19498 Words   |  78 Pages2 APPROACHES  TO  ORGANISATION  AND MANAGEMENT Organisational  behaviour  is  a  discursive  subject  and  much has  been  written  about  it.  The  study  of  organisations  and management  has  therefore  to  proceed  on  a  broad  front.  It  is the  comparative  study  of  the  different  approaches  that  will  yield benefits  to  the  manager.  The  study  of  organisations,  their  structure and  management  is  important  for  the  manager.  Identification  of major  trends  in  management  and  organisational  behaviour,  and the  work  of  leading  writersRead MoreIntroduction to Management Organisations2209 Words   |  9 Pages*BUS1001 Introduction to Management Organisations E*ssay for Semester 1, 2008/9 According to Pettinger (2002), management can variously be defined as a ‘science, profession and art’ and ‘its status lies somewhere between the three ‘with strong elements of each’. Is management a profession were you could qualify in like a doctor, is it science were there’s only â€Å"one best way to manage† (Bennet, Roger (1994)) or is it a skill/ personality in which a manager is has it in their genes from birthRead MoreOrganisation and Management on Ubisoft2195 Words   |  9 PagesUBISOFT REPORT 1. Introduction 1.1 The purpose of this report is to identify and show knowledge of Henri Fayols study on management. The study of management is about planning, organising, motivation and control. This report will discuss how technology can cause problems or assist managers in each of Henri Fayols study of management areas within Ubisoft. 1.2 Ubisoft was created in 1986 by five brothers Claude, Michel, Yves, Gà ©rard and Christian Guillermots. Ubisoft is a publisher andRead MoreThe Effective Management Of A Contemporary Organisation1692 Words   |  7 PagesThe effective management of a contemporary organisation is a key aspect for a business to be successful. With an ever-changing environment, come new complications and prospects for organisations to face. However, through the use of knowledge in past experiences, an organisation can be empowered to a more stronger and beneficial management system, thereby improving the organisation as a whole. Initially was the development of classical approaches, involving Scientific management, Administrative principlesRead MoreManaging Manager Management And Organisation1622 Words   |  7 Pagesabout manager, management and organisation. It will assess the manager, management and organisation. It will assess the significant of manager in achieving organisation success for a c ompany. It will also analysis how size and strategy can affect organisation structure. Finally, it will discuss, explain and suggest how the current structure of Tesco can be changed to improve performance. 2. Manager, Management and Organisation 2.1. Manager Managers are individual in an organisation that direct andRead MoreScientific Management and the Today Organisations949 Words   |  4 Pages      Management  Studies  I 29  October  2014      Scientific  Management  and  the   today  organizations                  Coursework  I                           â€Å"Illustrating   your   analysis   with   examples,   including   those   from   the   course   syllabus,   examples   raised   in    the   seminar   discussions,   and    your   own   private   research,   discuss   the   influence   of   the   theory   of   Scientific   Management   in   the   design   of   the   modern   organisation,   making   reference   to   both   its   strengths   and   weaknesses  in  Read MoreManagement And Organisation Of A Global Environment1185 Words   |  5 Pages HI6005: Management and Organisations In A Global Environment Trimester 2 / 2015 ASSIGNMENT 1 BY: ROHITH REDDY .D â€Æ' 1. SIX SIGMA : Six Sigma has evolved to become the most successful business improvement strategies and is attributed with reducing the number of defects in manufactured goods to less than 3.4 per 1 million units. Six Sigma uses two different sets of methodologies, DMAIC and DMADV, as lenses to examine and address complementary aspects of business processes. The DMAIC and theRead MoreManagement Styles in My Organisation2248 Words   |  9 Pagesfor me to use for analysing management styles and teams within the organisation. The commission itself is broken down into many sub parts and based in Newcastle are the national contact centre, the operations administrative staff, team leaders, senior managers and the head of Newcastle Services. Being an organisation that is bounded by many rules and regulations and instils rules on others, I set out to find in my report if that caused a certain pattern of management style to form and what effectRead MoreManagement, People and Organisations - Nhs3700 Words à ‚  |  15 Pagesinfirmaries under the NHS management. From the Leighton Hospital and Victoria Infirmary, we can see the typical organisation chart of a hospital in the NHS. Figure 1.1 below is adapted from Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust (2007). Figure 1.1 Organisation chart of Leighton Hospital and Victoria Infirmary In the following sections, we are going to discuss the possible problems in management and organisation, what had caused them, and what would happen if the organisation had taken a differentRead MoreCase Study : Organisations And Management Essay1692 Words   |  7 PagesCase Study: Organisations and Management â€Å"Planning is everything. Plans are nothing†(Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke) Planning helps an establishment graph a course for the accomplishment of its objectives. The procedure starts with research the present operations of the management and distinguishing what should be enhanced operationally in the upcoming year. The reason for planning is to discover an ideal response to the general item improvement question of what to make. The answer consolidates

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Power Is The Basis Of All Civilization - 922 Words

Power is the basis of all civilization; it determines the abilities of a person and who will be on top of the empirical hierarchy. It is characterized by the ability to do or act or having strength. However, with too much power there is greed and a person can end in destruction. This is precisely what happened to Creon in Antigone. He became the ruler of Thebes after the brothers that were supposed to inherit the throne, Eteocles and Polyneices, destroyed each other in war. In gaining the throne, he became corrupt and obsessed with the power he had gained through his title. Therefore, he failed to pay heed to the laws of the Gods and punishes Antigone for not accepting his word as King of Thebes. His obsession with power is what leads to his ultimate downfall. â€Å"The unbending and repressive laws of the state take on a much greater responsibility for Antigone’s death than her own destructive drive,† as well as the lives of Creon’s son and wife, Haemon a nd Eurydice (Verkerk 287). However, throughout this story Antigone shows that with power, anything can be changed and that women can have a right in society. Even though Antigone’s sister Ismene tried to dissuade Antigone from defying Creon by stating, â€Å"if we violate the laws and override the fixed decree of the throne, its power—we must be sensible. Remember we are women, we’re not born to contend with men,† she refused to believe that and still buried their brother (Sophocles 658). She uses the power of action to goShow MoreRelatedThe Mayan Civilization and Culture1438 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish, Spanish, German, and Latin to name a few. These languages were derived more past civilizations. One important civilization that is known for having great success is the Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization is known for many things like they fully developed written language, art, architecture, math and some other factors. Historians have said th at they don’t know an exact date of when this civilization rose up but they do mention that it flourished for about 2000 years. Although staringRead MoreCivilization Is An Essential Design1000 Words   |  4 PagesCivilization is an essential design. Civilization, to some extent is a prominent basis of cultural and technological progression. It is the rectification of thoughts and manners in society. Without civilizations, the world as we know it would not be. A civilization develops superfluous of things that help the people be a stable community. These build up an outline for the advancement and rise of the empire. Government is also existent in civilizations. Likewise, the Roman Civilization is an essenceRead MoreCivilization Is An Essential Design1000 Words   |  4 PagesCivilization is an essential design. Civilization, to some extent is a prominent basis of cultural and technological progression. It is the rectification of thoughts and manners in society. Without civ ilizations, the world as we know it would not be. A civilization develops superfluous of things that help the people be a stable community. These build up an outline for the advancement and rise of the empire. Government is also existent in civilizations. Likewise, the Roman Civilization is an essenceRead MoreUnderstanding of God in Ancient Rome Essay1009 Words   |  5 PagesFrom one’s definition of God, all other basic worldview questions are related and understood; therefore, the actions of Romans individually and collectively are linked to the civilization’s definition of the divine. In noting the development of this definition in Rome and Greece, the author Francis Schaeffer (1976) states the civilizations initially, â€Å"tried to build a society upon their gods. But these gods were not big enough because they were finite, limited†¦ All their gods put together couldRead MoreThe Roman And Roman Civilization1036 Words   |  5 PagesThe Roman civilization isn’t a vague memory from the past, but is instead still present everywhere you look in Western civilization. It isn’t easy to ignore or miss the greatness that once was and still is from this grand empire. The Roman culture’s greatness was based off the imitation, but vastly improved ideas of nearby cultures for its own purpose. The majority of the concepts or ideas in Rome came from their association with the Etruscan, Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Yet, the Roman culture’sRead MoreThe Han Dynasty governed China for more than four hundred years. It rose to power in 206 BC and900 Words   |  4 Pagesto power in 206 BC and stayed until 220 AC. The Han Dynasty played a vital role in China’s development. This dynasty pioneered a political system and social structure that lasted in China for almost 2,000 years. The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were considered two of the most strongest civilizations at that time. The Roman Empire lasted from 2 7 BC to 393 AD. This empire changed the way Romans lived. The Romans made rapid advancements in science and technology. Both of these civilizations successfullyRead MoreAncient Greece And Napoleon s France1578 Words   |  7 PagesWhen looking at a culture as prominent as Rome was in its time, a few questions come to mind. Many cultures and civilizations have existed over time, but very few have reached the complexity and reputation of Rome. Greece and Napoleon’s France are two of a very short list of these types of civilizations. To be able to understand Rome’s prominence, one must look at their origins. From there, one can delve into the main culture and analyze the civilization’s height. Did their beginning prompt theirRead MoreGreek And Roman Civilizations : Greece And Ancient Civilizations1503 Words   |  7 Pages Greek and Roman Civilizations In examining the impact that the ancient world has had on modern Western civilization, the two ancient civilizations which are frequently understood as having had the greatest influence are Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. These two civilizations would eventually come to shape much of what would become the modern European culture, politics and society, and by extension, a vast proportion of global culture and society. In scrutinizing the trajectory of modern historyRead MoreChapter 2 study guide1090 Words   |  5 Pageslocation? Some of the positive things about China’s location was that it was separated from the rest of the world which caused very few conflicts to occur with other early civilizations. However due to this separation from other civilizations, China did not have as much influence in technology or culture from other civilizations. 2. What is the most ancient philosophy in China? The most ancient philosophy accepted in China is called Dao which was the appreciation of a balanced life withoutRead MoreGreek Mythology And Its Impact On Modern Culture1055 Words   |  5 PagesGreece civilization has its origins from Greek Mythology and has had a significant impact on our history and mythology helped shed light to it’s culture, religion, and government of ancient Greece. The Mediterranean has served as a vessel for the early civilizations., Greek mythology has influenced the life style and religion of the Greeks, especially because Greek mythology served as the primary basis of Greek belief, it became the nearest thing the Greeks had to a holy bible.1 These mythologies

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Run Lola Run Free Essays

Tom Tykwer has visually represented distinctive ideas in the film, Run Lola Run. Discuss how visual language is used to illustrate these distinctive ideas in Run Lola Run and one related text of your own choosing. Visual language is consistently used to illustrate the visually distinctive ideas in both the films Run Lola Run directed by Tom Tykwer and The Butterfly Effect directed by Eric Bress. We will write a custom essay sample on Run Lola Run or any similar topic only for you Order Now Both these films explore how perceptions of relationships with others and the world are shaped through the use of various techniques. The two main concepts explored in these movies is the strong them of love and life being a game. The theme of love is strongly displayed in both Run Lola Run and The Butterfly Effect which is shown through the use of many visual techniques. In Run Lola Run, Tykwer is able to explore Lola and Manni’s love through capturing their passion and love with the use of the red camera tinge. The ominous red becomes a repeating motif throughout the film for Lola and Manni’s relationship. The red tinge is in contrast with the dull city making Lola’s love and passion a main feature of the love story. Tykwer is also able to use the medium POV shot, showing Lola and Manni in each other’s arms possibly just after a moment of romance, this shot also suggests that love lends purpose and strength within our lives. Further uses of techniques to emphasise the importance of love throughout the film are shown through the scattered use of close up’s on both Lola and Manni’s face, provides the insight as to how they bring both comfort and a sense of security to each other. But at the same time the thought of losing one another strikes fear and hurt within the character’s eyes. Similarly to Run Lola Run, Eric Bress film The Butterfly Effect also strongly display through the use of visual techniques the theme of love and the assumption that love remains central to our existence. It is Evan’s love for Kayley which becomes the catalyst for his attempts to travel through time to alter his past and in a similar way it is Lola’s love for Manni and the importance for preservation of his life that drives Lola through time to save Manni’s life. Like Tom Tykwer, Eric Bress uses similar techniques to express the importance of love in one’s life. Bress uses the similar camera angle of the medium side shot, again showing the comfort and security both characters bring to one another as well as giving the scene context through the use of the bed and no clothes, also implying a moment of romance. The scene also uses the scattered close up shots of both the characters face, just like the scene in Run Lola Run, suggesting the focus on their individual feelings and reactions to the situation. The theme of life as a game is consistently shown throughout Run Lola Run; Tykwer is able to make the audience feel as if the movie is a game developing this as a central theme. The concept of the film being a game is done through the film structure, as when Lola fails/ looses, she is able to restart and try again, as one would do in a game. She is then able to change the result to one that better suits her and Manni. It is in the scene in which Lola is in the casino which develops the best sense of life being a game as it is possibly both Lola and Manni’s life being determined on the result of the casino game. The great importance of the outcome in the casino is portrayed to the audience through the close up of Lola’s face, highlighting her facial expression, engaging the audience through the importance of the situation to Lola. Also by using the casino scene it shows to the audience that Lola’s choices were won through a game of chance, and it was this chance that payed off and enabled her to win this game. It is at the start of this scene, where Lola stops and thinks about her previous mistakes, and assesses the situation, allowing her to finally ‘beat this level’. This is shown through the camera angle of first the 360, expressing Lola’s thoughts becoming out of control, and then the close up of Lola’s stare at the casino, where Lola has discovered her answer. It is in this third scenario where Lola is seen to have grown as a person and has not only won the casino game, but won the other games going on in her own life. This idea can be considered as a metaphor for our own lives, about gaining the skills to master the games within our everyday lives. The concept of life being a game and most importantly the concept of manipulation of time is also shown in The Butterfly Effect where Evan has the ability to travel back in time through his blackouts to his old self and change his past to effectively change his present self and life, this makes the audience question his ability to manipulate time. Likewise Lola discovers she is also able to manipulate time and travel backwards and fix the mistakes she previously made in order to save her lovers life. Just like Evan, Lola plays with time and uses it to her ability. Both Bress and Tykwer use editing to generate this feeling of control of time, using tools such as slow and fast motion to alter the true timing of the situations and gather the character’s control of the situation, mixed with 360 moving camera to create that sense of being out of control, which is very similar to the use of spirals that Tykwer uses in Run Lola Run. How to cite Run Lola Run, Papers

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Ozymandias Poetry Analysis Essay Example For Students

Ozymandias Poetry Analysis Essay Although he died very young at the age of thirty, he left behind him valuable writings. Commanding is without doubt a poem of such kind. The poem Is an Italian sonnet, and describes the remains of a ancient glorious ruin seen by a common traveler from an antique land(l). The subject of Shelley poem is more subtle than it seems. Found in the multitude of Romantic themes and made with a great combination of literary devices, the subject is is the eternal human desire to leave something behind, to overcome the mortality, and to leave an evidence of existence. Inning different literary devices, Shelley sharply contours the theme of overcoming human mortality. Imagery creates a special effect on the poem. The Image of the old statue Is described Two vast and truckles legs of stone / Stand in the desert. (2-3) Meanwhile Near them, on sand, Half sunk a shattered visage lies (3-4). The statues wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, / tell that its sculptor well those passions read (6). The opposition in the poem creates the dramatic effect of Irony. The deference between the Image that actually exists In the dessert and Commanding;s intends after his death, is the basic ironical idea here. The fact that nobody is there to fear the power of the inexistent kingdom, and the kings harsh words, also underlines the entire paradox formed. The ancient kings common desire, presented In the theme, and his try to put It In an uncommon way Is also a good example. Like all the later Romantics, Shelley theme of humans wish to leave something behind, Is one from the major characteristics of the Romantic era. Shelley moves from the Classic and Neoclassic era. He moves away from tradition and reason invoking nature for his creativity. The subject matters now, and it is treated from the authors point of view. The originality of the poems is evident. The classic subjects are abandoned in the favor of new ones. Shelley poem is about the art of nature, which has an overwhelming beauty. He Is Inspired In essence by Its glory and power. Shelley shows clearly that nature has its own will. He implies that nature is able to create and destroy everything in the same time Nothing beside remains. Everything swings on a wire controlled by time and nature Round the decay / Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, / The lone and level sands stretch far away . The name Commanding is the Greek name for Rammers II, or Rammers the Great, third king of the 19th dynasty of Egypt. He was a powerful pharaoh that fought many wars and won most of them. The statue described Is real. Ramsets desire to leave something glorious and Immense behind creates an Ironic opposition with the current standings of the ancient ruins of his thumb. The eternal desire of importance 1 OFF and irony complete each other to show the turn from classicism to romanticism. Inspired by nature, its hypnotize beauty and sublimity, Shelley creates the perfect expression of his own feelings, thoughts and desires.

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Othello Essays (777 words) - Othello, Iago, Brabantio,

Othello Language Task: Show how Othello`s language reflects the change in the mood between the early part of the play (act I) and act III scene III (line 334, end, and the death scene). Intro: Othello is the story of an African general who falls in love with a rich Venetian nobleman's Daughter, to wed her, but after a short while things aren't all what they seem. When lieutenant Iago puts his foot in it and stirs up relationships to degenerate general Othello out of jealousy. Othello loses it and thing's go very downhill. Act I scene II: In this part of the play it does not seem as though Othello is a man who likes trouble within his environment unless on the battleground. He likes to keep an idyllic situation, quote "Tis better as it is" (Othello at the start of the play ) he uses short and simple language. Next Othello says, "let him do his spite, my services which I have done my signiory" He is telling Brabantio to say what he wants as the council will never put me away for the services I have done for this country. Othello knows he's in control, he shows this by using words like Stuff, I lack,......service, Yerked, Magnifico, Give him cable, etc. The first impressions of Othello are: YEAH, THIS GUY KNOWS, WHAT HES DOING FOR SURE, as he is a fluent speaker, good with words and very highly confident. He shows his confidence when he speaks quote "My parts, my title, and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly", -he is trying to say I know what I am doing, and what I am doing is right. "My life upon her faith", -Again confidence. Desdemona will not say a word against my actions or me. He has exact control of all situations and conversations. We can see all this observing his general code of language and his behaviour when in difficult situations. In his second quote he says to Brabantio that, you can say what you want, I shall allow you, as I knows that I will not go to jail as I have done too much for Venice. (Again confidence). When the council is questioning him, he manages to sweet talk his way out of it by using the tone of his voice (calm and gentle) and words like, Most reverend signiores etc. "But I love thee gentle Desdemona" Is his next quote to the council. His vocabulary is very big and he thoroughly has control of his sentences and actions. Othello starts off with his characteristic dignified idiom but due to a man, whose every utterance is deception, who takes Othello into false words to change the identities of his loved ones to be his worst enemies, Othello degenerates to become a psycho. Othello first uses the power of his speech (to show his position), to create his image, but then falls to be, in a way, a psychiatric (false), villain, who kills his friends, and his only family. Iago does not show his opposition to Othello but does always create a yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir atmosphere when around him. (False friendship). Othello often uses colourful words in sound and in his speech (e.g.; - Keep up your bright swords, for the due will"...shows he is also a powerful speaker. Othello never steps out the soldier image and he always keeps precise speech, sincerity and devotion to his job. Even in his fall he stays a soldier- "Damn her, lewd minx! Oh damn her, damn her (three times), come, go with me apart, will withdraw, to furnish me with some swift means of death, for the fair devil, now art though my lieutenant". Towards the end of the play, Othello begins to lose his powerful speech in himself, as he is not so confident. What Iago says about Desdemona and Cassio, he starts to believe, but then he is unsure of it, he even loses it physically, where starts to have eppiliptical fits. In and around act III scene III Othello begins to lose his self-confidence, where he begins to see his wife and himself through Iago's eyes. He also begins to corrupt himself because of Iago's characteristic expression. His style begins to break down, and he begins to get very agitated. Othello starts to repeat his words three times just to establish himself. When he talks of his wife he uses words such as pish, nose, ears, lips, its possible, confess, handkerchief, oh devil. These words

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What Is the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)

What Is the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips For students looking for a more challenging high school experience or for a chance to earn college credit, many high schools offer advanced college-level programs. The newest one of these is the Cambridge AICE, an international diploma program created via the University of Cambridge in England. Curious about whether this program is right for you? In this article, I'll explain the AICE approach, the coursework necessary to get the diploma, and how it compares to AP and IB classes. What Is the Cambridge AICE? AICE, which stands for Advanced International Certificate of Educationand is pronounced like the word "ace," is aset of challenging college-level classes forhigh school students. It was developed by Cambridge Assessment, a non-profit, non-teaching department of the University of Cambridge in England. Like theAP and IB programs, AICE was designed to give students the option to pursue a more rigorous and ambitiouscurriculumby teaching youkey skills to succeed in college-level work.At the same time, AICE classes and the diploma structure are flexible enough to let students tailor the coursework to their specific interests and strengths. Besides the academic and intellectual appeal of learning in greater depth, AICE lets you earn an advanced diploma toboost your college application. Italso has the potential toget you college credit or let you place out of intro courses once you're a freshman. However, because it is still a newer program, not all colleges viewAICE classes in the same way they do AP classes. You can use the Cambridge Assessments lookup tool tocheck whether your target college accepts AICE. Where Is AICE Offered? Currentlyin the US, AICE is primarily offered in Florida high schools,though there are several other schools offering the diploma scattered throughout the country. In Canada, AICE is only available in Toronto, but there are schools affiliated with AICE throughout the world, primarily in Great Britain. If you’re looking for a school that offers the AICE diploma, you can useCambridge Assessment’s lookup tool to find high schools around you. The Financial Benefits of AICE On top of its emphasis on flexible class offerings and its potential to strengthen your college application, AICE has several financial benefits as well. For one, AICE classes and exams are free for students- your school pays all the fees for this program! For students in Florida, an AICE Diploma is a great way to secure some money for college.If you've earned the diploma and completed 100 hours of community service, you will automatically qualify for the Florida Academic Scholars Award viathe Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. But you don't need to earn the AICE diploma to get this scholarship. Some combinations of AICE coursework, community service hours, and minimum scores on the SAT/ACT are also ways to win Florida Bright Futures awards. How Do You Enroll in the AICE Program? You can't sign up for AICE on your own but instead mustrely on your school to provide it- the same way your schooleither does or doesn't provide Honors and AP classes. If your school wants to sign up to offer AICE classes to students, your principal or head of school can go tothe website that explains how to have your school join. AICE is not guaranteed to teach you to levitate books, but there's nothing stopping you from using that argument to convince your principal to sign up. How Is AICE Structured? The AICE program is made up of one-year classes called AS Levels, andtwo-year classes called A Levels. AICE classes can be taken individually, or you can take the two-year program and get an AICE diploma. There are some classes that can be started at the AS Level and then extended to the A Level later. What Are the Classes Like? AICE classes put a lot of emphasis on writing, critical thinking, and delving deep into their subjects. AICE classes aren't very rigidly structured, and AICE exams are somewhat modular. This flexibilitygives teachers a lot more room to spend extra time investigating what seems to be interesting to students and leaving out or shortening other course sections. Individual Classes vs Full Diploma With AICE, you get the choice of either taking individual classes from their course menu, or doing the full course of study needed to get the diploma. If you decide to just take individual AICE classes, colleges will treat them just as they do individual AP classes. These courses will add rigor to your transcript, count more in your weighted GPA, and show colleges that you are willing to challenge yourself and are a motivated student. Getting the AICE diploma requires a much bigger investment of time and effort. But, since each class was designed to be part of the program, the skills and knowledge you learn from one class will benefit you in others. Also, the classes are structured to fit together to give you a more rounded perspective on global issues. To get the AICE full diploma, you need toearn seven course credits within a 25-month period (previously thefull diploma only required six credits). One of these seven credits needs to bethe mandatory core class Global Perspectives and Research. Working on the core was mandatory, but Joe couldn't help feeling a little silly digging around inside a giant apple. What Classes Can You Take? If you're going for the full AICE diploma, the one class you will have to take is the Cambridge International AS and A Level Global Perspectives and Research. This class is the core of the program. But don't worry- it's less a content-heavy class and more a skills-building workshop. In Global Perspectives and Research, you first pick three global topics out of 30 options,such as artificial intelligence, international sport, tourism, and many others. Then, you conduct research to examine these topics from different perspectives, such as the economic impact, ethical dilemmas, environmental forecasts, and so on. Finally, you write a paper, take an exam, and do a group project about your research. All the other classes are your choice. These fall into four groups: Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences Group 2: Languages Group 3: Arts and Humanities Group 4: Interdisciplinary In order to earnthe diploma, you'll need at least one credit each fromGroups 1, 2, and 3. You can have at most two credits from Group 4. Other than that, anything goes. For example, if you're a math whiz, you can load up on the Mathematics and Sciences classes, and only take one class from the Languages Group and one from the Arts and Humanities Group. What do you mean, that's an overload of math? There's no such thing as an overload of math! Here are all the available classes in the AICE Diploma program: Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences Group 2: Languages Group 3: Arts and Humanities Group 4: Interdisciplinary and Skills-BasedSubjects Biology Afrikaans Accounting English General Paper Chemistry Arabic Art and Design Global Perspectives and Research Computer Science Chinese Business Thinking Skills Design and Technology English Language Classical Studies Environmental Management French Design and Textiles Further Mathematics German Digital Media and Design Information Technology Hindi Divinity Marine Science Japanese Language Economics Mathematics Language and Literature in English Environmental Management Physical Education Marathi Food Studies Physical Science Portuguese French Literature Physics Spanish Geography Psychology Tamil Hindi Literature Urdu Hinduism History Islamic Studies Language and Literature in English Law Literature in English Media Studies Music Nepal Studies Portuguese Literature Physical Education Psychology Sociology Spanish Literature Travel and Tourism How Does Grading Work? In each class, you'll do a variety of graded work. In addition to final exams, students write essays, create presentations, and do group projects. Most of this work is graded by your teacher, but some of the essays, presentations, and all the exams are sent away to be graded by Cambridge Assessment. In each class, the range of passing grades goes from A* to E. A* is the AICE version of an A+. Getting an E is basically like getting a C in normal US grading, or like getting a 3 on an AP exam. Depending on your individual AICE class grades, your full diploma will be awarded with Distinction, with Merit, or Pass. The more ornate the certificate, the greater the diploma honors. Distinction diplomas come studded with emeralds and feature a gilded background of the full text ofHamlet. Should You Take AICE? If the only advanced curriculum that your school offers is the AICE program, you should definitely sign up for as many courses as you can reasonably handle and do well in. The classes are similar to AP and IB classes in difficulty level, and colleges love seeing transcripts that show your willingness to tackle hard classes and manage a heavier workload. But what if you have to choose between AICE, AP, and IB? I will lay out the pros and cons of each to help you decide. Should You Take AICE or AP? First, let's talk about the differences between theAICE and AP programs. AICE is designed almost in opposition to the way AP classes are structured. The AICE Diploma is a program rather thana random selection of classes. This means that it can offerclasses in niche subjects, such as tourism and marine science, and then fit those classes into an overall globally minded framework. Also, unlike AP classes, which tend to go wide and broad in their subject areas, AICE classes are more narrow and focused. AICE classes stress essay writing and project-based learning over rote memorization and multiple-choice exams. Because of this, teachers can dive deep into details and deemphasize others, depending on student interest. According to some students, this also means that the AICE exams seem easier- as long as you have a well-reasoned, supported argument and can write well, your answers should get a good score. Finally,whereas college credit for AP classes is based on the score you get on the AP exam, college credit for AICE classes is based on passing the exam, not on the specific score you receive. In other words, a 3 on an AP exam probably won't get you college credit in more selective colleges, but an E in an AICE class might. If you have the choice between AP and AICE, pick AP if: You are a very good test taker who does best with fact-based learning You are interested in a subject AP offers and AICE doesn't offer An excellent teacher is teaching the AP level You've already taken the AICE level of a particular class but are now interested in getting a broader overview of the same subject Your target collegesdo not recognize AICE Pick AICE if: You are interested in getting the full diploma You would like to learn about a subject from a global perspective You want toimprove your writing and public-speaking skills You aren't sure you can get a 5 on an AP exam but would like to try for college credit or advanced placement You live in Florida and canbenefit financially from the Bright Futures Scholarship Florida: land of Disney, sea cows, and free college money for good students. Should You Take AICE or IB? The IB and AICE programs are much more similar than they are different in the way they both approach teaching and the curricula of their classes. The main distinguishing characteristic of AICE is that Cambridge Assessments is notably vocal in its concerns abouthomework load, which is something IB doesn't address. AICE homework is designed to maximize yourlearning without unnecessary repetition or busywork. The designers of AICE talk a lot aboutstudentneed to have time for extracurricular activities as well asfamily and social lives. AICE is also more flexible for students who have strengths in certain subject areas. Unlike with the IB program, with AICE you can get the AICE Diploma by taking mostly classes in the subject group where your strengths or interests lie. If you have a choice between IB and AICE, pick IB if: You are interested in a more structuredprogram in which you won't have to design your own course of study An amazing teacher is teaching your school's IB program Your targetcolleges do not recognize AICE Pick AICE if: You'd like more flexibility in designing your own course of study You aren't sure if you want to go for the full diploma and would like the option of taking individual classes You are interested in starting some classes at the one-year AS Level before committing to the two-year A Level You live in Florida and canbenefit financially from the Bright Futures Scholarship Why buy the A-Level cow when you can get the AS-Level milk for free? What’s Next? Did you know that the AP also has a diploma program? Check outour complete guide to AP Capstone anda complete list of the schools that offer it. Interested in learning everything you can about all the different advanced placement options? Readour explanation of the International Baccalaureate. Wondering how all of your advanced placement classes will benefit you once you get to college? We’ve gotthe scoop on how colleges treat AP credits. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points?We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 40

History - Essay Example pite the English colonies not having representatives in parliament in England, by the end of seventeenth century all English colonies had some form of representative assembly which more or less resembled the House of Commons in structure and functions. McGeehan and Gall assert that there were four major landmarks that shaped American constitutional government: Magna carter (1215), Bill of Rights (1689), Common law and Bicameral legislature (3). The kings in England used to have absolute authority over subjects but the Magna carter made them subject to law giving parliament power over tax levies. To tame the powers of the King, it was necessary to establish Representative governments whereby the people had a say in governance. Such governments were thus vital to colonies in attracting investors. The Bill of Rights in 1689 limited the power of kings and queens further as it disallowed interference with parliamentary elections and debates and kings could not suspend laws or levy taxes without parliament consent. On the other hand, rights developed from common law protected citizens from tyrannical governments. England had a bicameral legislature comprising House of Lords comprising clergy and nobility and House of Commons for wealthy middle class. This was the method adopted by English colonists. Before settlement therefore, the colonists had the idea of a limited government (McGeehan & Gall 3-5). The colonists in New World wanted a government where people were first thus the establishment of representative governments with Virginia being the first to establish the House of Burgesses in 1619 ( Other colonists followed by establishing assemblies. For example, Plymouth had the Mayflower Compact, Massachusetts had the General Court, Connecticut had Fundamental Orders of Government while Rhode Island operated on principle of separation of church and state (McGeehan & Gall 3-5). Colonies were headed by governor and council who had executive powers of