Tuesday, October 29, 2019

IMac Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

IMac - Assignment Example The system was also not able to fully accept the modules of programming that had used other Microsoft compatible software packages. The failure of highly expensive iMac to run Ronny’s software adversely impacted his confidence level. Ronny’s computer skills were much recognized because he had developed a very interesting geography puzzle for his classmates. He had also been secretly working on the development of a new video game, designed especially to increase the mental reflexes of youngsters. He needed to run the program on the latest machine so he could test the various creative ideas using multimedia and rectify the bugs, if any. The failure of the machines greatly distressed him. The frequent trips to repair shop also made him lose precious time as he wanted to send his video game to the online competition organized by the IBM. Development of video games requires highly sophisticated machines that can run complicated computer programs using multimedia. The testing of software is important part of software development and successful run of each module boosts the confidence of the developer. The failure of iMac to completely accept the program modules that needed other Microsoft compatible software, turned out to be the biggest setback to Ronny’s desire to take part in the competition. iMac is supposed to be the most sophisticated computer that could perform huge number of functions at high speed. But the weakness in the machine to run the important features of Ronny’s programs significantly jolted his confidence in the Apple’s products. Ronny’s father was also not able to buy another computer for him because of the huge amount of money already spent on the expensive iMac. The father was highly proud of his son and knew that advanced computer like iMac would greatly facilitate his son in improving his skills. He had also realized that the latest computer would help his genius son in exploiting his vast potential. His

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